• Israel in my Heart
    Wear your love of Israel proudly, with special attention to Israel's united and eternal capital Jerusalem.
  • Miriam’s Tambourine
    With the joyful playing of tambourines, Miriam the Prophetess inspired faith in God's redemption of the Jewish Nation. Today’s women are creatively influencing the path to Geula, so get your tambourines ready!
  • Pomegranate of Abundance
    The pomegranate is celebrated as a symbol of health, fertility, abundance and spiritual/eternal life. It has become a popular Jewish symbol. This lovely pendant has a pearl or Swarovski crystal. Original RingSaver® . When you remove your rings temporarily, you can slip them easily onto this original RingSaver ® pendant.
  • The Whole World
    The whole world is filled with His Glory. Today, as always, God’s 'fingerprints' can be found in every place on earth. We need only open our eyes to see: The world is filled with His glory. This exquisitely carved silver globe covers the ‘waters’ of the earth - a large, faceted blue quartz stone.
  • Hold on Tight
    In these challenging times, Am Yisrael is holding on tight. And God is holding us from above, as represented symbolically by the 'hand' of God.
  • Magen David with Dove
    The Star of David has become symbolic of the Jewish Nation. The dove nesting here represents the Jewish people's great desire for peace.

Sarah Feld Designs

Jewelery with a meaning

I have been blessed to be able to express
my creativity in diverse forms.
As a doula, empowering women in birth.
As a poetess, reaching for Higher dimensions
expressing my love for this Good Land
and contemplating life’s complexities.
As a designer of jewelry,
trying to merge beauty and meaning.
And especially as a mom and grandmother.
With thanks to God for all the kindness
He has shown me.
Blessings, Sarah
Beit El, Israel

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